Product Detail
Jewelry 3D printer
Jewelry 3D printer
Brands: prismlab
Model: RP100
Type: SLA
Material: Photosensitive resin
Print size: 100*50*100mm
Product Detail

Molding Principles Light Curing (SLA)

Exposure principle LCD-mounted sub-pixel micro-scanning

Molding Material Light Curing Resin

Forming size 100*50*10mm

XY accuracy 5μm

Z accuracy 5μm

Molding speed 300 layers/hour

Working temperature 18-28°C

Relative humidity <52%

Body weight 350kg

Power Requirements 180~240V 50Hz 1KW

Software Language Chinese/English

Data format STL

This model is small and exquisite, it can not only meet the high-precision requirements of industrial grade, but also is the ideal 3D printer for jewellery modeling. The product has the following features:

Projection molding, high speed printing

By laser projection to surface molding, compared to point-to-line-to-surface SLA light curing 3D printing equipment at home and abroad, the speed is more than 10 times faster, and the output per hour exceeds 1000 grams;

High precision

Printable layer thickness of 0.05mm, industrial grade accuracy of 100μm can be achieved on the order of 600mm;

supply chain

Producing 3D printers and 3D printing materials at the same time can greatly reduce printing costs;

patented technology

Have original technology and break foreign patent barriers.

small volume

Compact design, small footprint, to save more space for users.

With the accumulation of sensitization technology and experience in mass production, the company has successfully developed its original MFP photo-curing 3D printer in a cross-border transformation, and on this basis, it has produced sharp series 3D rapid prototyping equipment and supporting photocurable resins.

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