Product Detail
Dental 3D printer
Dental 3D printer
Brands: prismlab
Model: RP200
Type: SLA
Material: Photosensitive resin
Print size: 192*108*192mm
Product Detail

Molding Principle Light Curing (SLA)

Exposure principle Sub-pixel micro-scanning under LCD

Molding material photocurable resin

Forming dimensions 192 * 108 * 192mm

XY accuracy 50 /33μm

Z accuracy 100 /33μm

Molding speed 300 layers/hour

Working temperature 18-28°C

Relative humidity <52%

Weight 350kg

Power Requirements 180~240V 50Hz 1KW

Software language Chinese/English

Data format STL

This product has the following features:

Projection molding, high-speed printing

By laser projection onto the surface, compared with point-to-line SLA light-curing 3D printing equipment at home and abroad, the speed increases by more than 10 times, and the output per hour exceeds 1000 grams;

High accuracy

The printable layer thickness is 0.05mm, the industrial grade accuracy is 100μm, and can reach about 600mm;

supply chain

Produce 3D printers and 3D printing materials at the same time, which can greatly reduce printing costs;

patented technology

Has original technology and breaks foreign patent barriers.

small volume

The compact design and small footprint save users more space.

With the accumulation of sensitization technology and large-scale production experience, the company has successfully developed the original MFP light-cured 3D printer for transnational transformation, and on this basis, it has produced sharp 3D rapid prototyping equipment and supports light-curing resins. The model can be used in dental, medical, jewelry and other fields.

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