Product Detail
Industrial large-size 3D printer
Industrial large-size 3D printer
Brands: KINGS
Model: JS850
Type: SLA
Material: Photosensitive resin
Print size: 850*850*550mm
Product Detail

High-precision SLA rapid prototyping technology makes it easy to achieve the gold standard in the field of hand model

The large-size 3D printer can help you reduce the cost of production of the handboard, and can also achieve unprecedented improvements in precision, speed, surface quality, material type, reliability, and constancy.

The Dami Triple D Printer Efficient System takes full advantage of the SLA photo-curing 3D printing technology. The printed prototype model can be used for product development, rapid tooling and end-use applications. It not only has precise details and excellent mechanical properties, but also each Shouban. The cost of printing the model is also much lower than other 3D printing technologies.

Using technology galvanometer scanning system and intelligent positioning vacuum adsorption coating system, greatly improving the printing speed, the ply thickness can be accurate to 0.05mm. The five models meet the different volumetric molding requirements and can reach up to 850mm*850mm*550mm.

The materials used include a variety of properties, including colored materials, transparent materials, high temperature resistant materials, and high strength materials. These materials surpass the performance of traditional plastics and are excellent in high temperature resistance, tensile strength, and impact strength. which performed. Your hands-on model is not a single boring, you can meet the needs of different customers, gain greater market share and higher satisfaction.

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