Product Detail
Light-curing industrial 3d printer
Light-curing industrial 3d printer
Brands: KINGS
Model: JS7255
Type: SLA
Material: Photosensitive resin
Print size: 720*550*400mm
Product Detail

Dual lasers, high speed scanning

Dual-laser head photo-curing 3D printer with top dual laser head, nearly double the efficiency, and a set top 2 machines.

High-precision SLA rapid prototyping technology makes it easy to achieve high standards for industrial design and manufacturing

Using SLA light curing technology can help you reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. It can also achieve unprecedented improvements in accuracy, surface quality, material type, reliability, stability, and other aspects.

Batch printing, development efficiency increased by more than 5 times

The use of spotting technology, the use of small spots in the profile to ensure accuracy and surface quality; fill with large spots to ensure efficiency. Equipped with high-quality scanning process parameters package, it can achieve full-scale intelligent rapid scanning, which can greatly improve printing efficiency and accuracy. One-time batch production of multiple products increases the development efficiency of the entire industrial design field by more than 5 times. Usually, the CNC needs to complete the product in one week, and Yizhi 3D printer can be completed in 1-2 days.

Difficult to ignore, accuracy 0.05mm

The 3D printer can realize 360-degree dead-end printing, making it easy to make model molds such as barbs, curved surfaces, and hollows. The layer thickness can be accurate to 0.05mm, and the dandelion hairiness can also be made. This provides a more reliable form factor and functional verification for industrial design.

Easy to operate, unmanned 24 hours

3D printer matching control software, the interface is simple, novices can master the operation method within 3 days. Full computer production, no need for manual guards, 24-hour unmanned intelligence. This allows industrial manufacturing to save about 60% of the human cost, and is no longer dependent on the master, no need to worry about personnel loss.

Multi-attribute materials reduce manufacturing costs by more than 50%

The research and development of multi-attribute raw materials, including hard materials, soft materials, elastic materials, transparent materials, high-temperature materials, and high-strength materials, meet the needs of different industries. The constant updating of materials also reduces the production costs, especially for products with complex structures.

Stable performance, automatic calibration

The 3D printer is equipped with high-end optoelectronic devices, combined with its own highly efficient and stable control scheme, to control the overall printing process and ensure printing stability.

The principle of precise positioning avoids the design and use difficulties of large-area calibration plates. Can greatly improve the accuracy and flexibility of automatic calibration.

Zero noise, low energy consumption, more environmentally friendly

The Dami 3D printer does not have large mechanical movements, produces no noise, and has less noise than whispers. The maximum power consumption of a large-scale 3D printer is less than 2 kW, which is lower than the power of the induction cooker. With the continuous popularization of 3D printing, the dust pollution of CNC processing and the heavy metal pollution of etching processes have been effectively controlled.

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