Product Detail
China Large Format 3D Printer
China Large Format 3D Printer
Brands: KINGS
Model: JS800
Type: SLA
Material: Photosensitive resin
Print size: 800*800*500mm
Product Detail

1. The large molding space unique to the Dami3D printer makes it possible to quickly make large-size model molds. For example, the master mold making of ceramic sanitary ware, if using 3D printing to simplify the cumbersome production process of traditional craftsmanship, if there is a good idea, the new product can be printed out in 3-4 days.

2, large and stable

With super large format print size, 800*800*500mm. It is not easy to increase the size, and it is more difficult to stabilize the performance. Yi Zhi 3D printer is equipped with high-end optoelectronic devices, combined with its own highly efficient and stable control program to control the overall printing process to ensure print stability.

3, fast and accurate

The use of spotting technology, the use of small spots in the profile to ensure accuracy and surface quality; fill with large spots to ensure efficiency. Equipped with a high-quality scanning process parameter package for intelligent and rapid scanning, the printing efficiency and accuracy can be greatly improved.

4, high precision layer thickness

At the same time, she was able to print precise prototypes that were only 0.05mm thick, allowing the die to have high-precision properties and smooth sidewalls.

5, automatic calibration

The principle of precise positioning avoids the design and use difficulties of large-area calibration plates. Can greatly improve the accuracy and flexibility of automatic calibration.

6, marble coating platform

The XY platform is the first to use split marble as the base plate, without distortion, high precision, light weight and easy adjustment.

7, rotary arms

The use of a free-rotating arm significantly improves the freedom of use of the device.

8, small area

The Dami3D printer has been designed with a slim body to save users more space.

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