3D Printer Helps Model Factory Move into a New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing

Issuing time:2018-04-25 15:53

After the advent of 3D printing technology, those clever hand-set manufacturers began to incorporate 3D printing services into their own corporate planning, and erected the banner of “3D printing handprint”. It is reported that the use of 3D printers for more than one year of Shouban manufacturers, most of the business volume increased by more than 25%, labor costs saved by 40%.


Disadvantages of CNC Machining Slab Model

Unable to make a complex structure

The structure of the upside down and inner space is divided by CNC and then assembled together. Some highly accurate, circuitous or hollow structures with complex surfaces are often not able to be manufactured by the CNC and are forced to be produced. The time-consuming cost is also very high. These difficulties have invisiblely caused many Shouban companies to lose their orders.

High labor costs and serious drains

The complexity of CNC machining requires a high degree of worker proficiency in the operation. The master chef has the right to speak, and the younger generation of workers are not willing to do this kind of work. The technology is not inherited by latecomers. The workshop is noisy, the environment is not good, and the loss of people in the Shouban industry is very serious. In the past ten years, CNC labor costs have also increased year by year.


CNC workshop, every machine needs people on duty

The advantages of 3D printers

Fast, increase production efficiency

The CAD digital model is directly processed and formed, the processing speed is fast, and the production cycle is short. The traditional CNC often takes one week to deliver, and 3D printing can be delivered in one day, and the production efficiency is significantly improved.


Intelligent, intelligent, no manual SLA-3D printing workshop

Simple operation, low labor costs

3D printing technology is very simple to operate, most of the work done by computer intelligence, novices can be operated as long as 3 days of training. Unmanned intelligence can be realized for 24 hours, and it can be produced day or night. One person can operate more than one device with low labor costs.

Ignoring difficulty, it's easy to make sophisticated structures

3D printing technology can process prototypes and molds that are complex in shape or difficult to form using conventional means. The SLA light curing technology used in 3D printers, the more sophisticated the hand boards, the more advantages, and even the fluffy feeling of dandelion can be made.


3D printed exquisite hollow crafts

No noise, green

The CNC shop will generate a lot of dust and noise. It will be in such a working environment for a long time and it will easily cause anxiety and fatigue. The sound produced by the 3D printer is less than 10 decibels, and it is less than ordinary people's speech, and it will not produce heavy metal pollution.

Realize more possibilities, higher customer satisfaction

There are often three-dimensional feedback from the hand-plate model makers: “With 3D printing equipment, order fulfillment is faster, and many previously unreachable orders can now be easily completed. Customer satisfaction is much higher and customer resources are more stable than before. There is also a lot less problem after the sale."


Fine craftsmanship produced by 3D printers

3D printing application case

Rococo is a group company with 13 years of industrial design history. Its products cover industrial equipment, medical care, robotics, smart travel, and life appliances. The company's designer, Li Wei, said: "In order to ensure higher design efficiency and to achieve more design inspiration, we have used 3D printing, which is always at the leading position in the industry."


With the continuous development and development of 3D printing technology and materials, the production cost of the Shouban model will continue to decrease and the quality will continue to increase. And this is not what the majority of model companies need?

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