Dental 3D Printer and Orthodontics

Issuing time:2018-04-25 14:55

The 20-year history of invisible braces was completely based on 3D printing. The maturation of 3D printing technology provides a precise prototype for invisible braces and provides reliable technical support for invisible braces. In recent years, the demand for 3D printing in the dental industry has also increased.

Also correcting teeth, invisible braces have been widely recognized by consumers, and the wire braces have gradually withdrawn from view. If you want to do orthodontics, you don't hesitate to choose invisible braces. After all, the image and feeling of a full-body wire is indeed too scary, while the invisible braces are transparent and easy to care for.


Wire Braces


Invisible braces

Invisible braces are a brand new 3D stereo computer technology, tailor-made a series of nearly transparent dental tray to complete the entire correction course. Whether it is due to crowded teeth, gaps, or teeth that are displaced after traditional treatment, you can absolutely regain a bright smile. Next, three-dimensional rice for you to disclose the production process of invisible braces.

First, the doctor photographs the patient's teeth, takes a CT scan, and acquires an initial model of the teeth through occlusion. According to the model, computer 3D data was scanned and specific correction programs were obtained through specific dental correction software.


Orthodontic program demonstration

The figure above shows the different forms of orthodontics. There is a slight difference between each form. A correction of one millimeter often requires ten corrections, which means that the accuracy of the braces must be as high as 0.1 mm or more. Every small mistake will affect the accuracy of the braces, otherwise the patient will not be able to get a good correction.

According to the 3D data of different forms of orthodontic solutions, the dental model is produced by 3D printing, and corresponding invisible braces are produced according to the dental models, and the corresponding personalized treatment plan corresponding to the patient is implemented.


3D printing dental model

A patient's correction often requires dozens or even hundreds of invisible braces, and the photo-curing 3D printing device can quickly print all the dental models in batches. The patient's dental data was obtained on the same day and all dental models were produced the next day. Great cost savings for dental braces manufacturers and increased efficiency by more than 10 times.

In collaboration with invisible braces manufacturers, Dami Technologies has made adjustments to 3D printing software to ensure the high precision of dental molds. At the same time, it has also developed high temperature resistant materials to ensure that the dental molds are not deformed during the production of dental braces. Using CNC can't guarantee the precision, it is more unrealistic to use the manual repairing mode, will consume the enormous cost. Only 3D printing can guarantee low cost, high precision and high efficiency.

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