Development of shoe mold 3D printing

Issuing time:2018-04-24 17:07

Recently, Shenzhen Jinshi three-dimensional "one-click conversion watertight" shoe mold repair software, so that each shoe mold repair efficiency increased by 40%.

This world-first technology saves a lot of time and labor costs for the early stage of 3D printing shoe molds. The shoe industry is gradually emerging from the labor-intensive shadow and is approaching smart manufacturing.

As a relatively low-key technology company that has not had a large area of advertising, Jinshi three-dimensional in the shoe industry, many of the major initiatives, almost represented the history of the development of 3D printing technology in the field of shoes.


Footwear 3D printing event

In 2015, Jinshi 3D began to focus on the exploration and research of 3D printing equipment in the shoe mold segmentation field, aiming to solve the problem of dust pollution in traditional shoe mold carving. Most of the three-dimensional models of the shoe mold industry are in igs format and cannot be directly printed in 3D. Jinshi sent personnel to station at the shoe factory for more than three months and successfully produced the first 3d printing shoe mold in China. This opened the prelude to the market application of 3D printing technology in the footwear industry.


(3D printing shoes mold)

In 2016, Kingstone produced the first sandblasting shoe mold in the footwear industry and successfully turned it into a mold. Since then, 3D printing has skipped the stage of making a kanban model and has been truly applied to the footwear industry.


(3D printed flip sand mold application flow chart)

In the same year, a professional-grade shoe mold 3D printer was developed for the shoe mold industry. Optimizations were made in the program and print dimensions, and a full set of technical support for the shoe industry was provided, allowing some shoe mold companies and shoe companies to use the lowest cost. Try the latest technology.


In 2017, Jinshi 3D launched a dual-laser high-speed 3D printer for shoe molds, which increased the printing efficiency by approximately 60%, enabling rapid mass production of shoe molds. After repeated batch printing tests, it takes only 42 minutes per shoe mold.

(50 seconds to learn about Jinshi high-speed 3D printer JS7255)

Subsequently, the "one-key conversion watertight file" function plug-in was introduced, which shortened the time for pre-retouching by about 35%, and accelerated the market-oriented application of 3D printing in the footwear industry. Before this software, the linear structure of the shoe mold igs image file into stt format watertight file, must rely on manual manual retouching, which often takes 5 hours or even longer.

(Quick fix software screenshots)

3D printing has unlimited possibilities. Jinshi three-dimensional United Nations advanced polymer materials companies, jointly developed a high temperature resistant 120 °C high-strength photosensitive resin material, produced by the 3D printing shoe industry can only be used for TPU injection molding shoe molds.


(3D printing mold application)

3D printing shoes mold bite flowers, prevent heavy metal pollution

Traditional shoe mold bite flowers are etched from potions, causing harm to the human body and producing a lot of heavy metal wastewater. The use of 3D printing technology can be pre-patterned on the computer via software, and then printed directly.


In addition, Jinshi three-dimensional also levy on footwear manufacturing, research and development of high toughness raw materials, has good flexibility and wear resistance, can be used to print finished shoe soles.


(3D print finished shoe soles)

If you are a shoe person, what are you waiting for? 3D printing can not only help you save costs, increase efficiency, but also enable you to stay ahead of your peers in technology. Visionary companies are using 3D printing to participate in global competition, you can also pick up the phone and contact us.

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