The benefits of 3D printing for car styling

Issuing time:2018-04-24 16:53



3D printing technology has been widely used in the automobile model industry, and traditional clay model making methods have been greatly impacted. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?

The sludge model is an automobile body model using mud sculpture in a conventional body design. It is mainly used to express the actual effect of automotive modeling for designers and decision makers.

3D printing car model making process: 3D modeling (copy drawing) - printing on the machine - post process processing (polishing, oil painting, etc.)

Effortless mass production masterpieces

Slime is to be sculpted, you have to have a basis for carving and the basis of art to play. If the producer is at a high level, then the final product will definitely be of very good quality, especially with many details on the sculpture; on the contrary, the gap is huge. The quality of the sludge car model depends on the skills of the production staff and the error rate is high. And 3D printing does not need to, you only need to input relevant parameters or modeling can be done. Everything is done by computer intelligence. The car model produced has the characteristics of high precision and high fidelity.

Environmental health and easy to use

The shortcomings of sludge modeling are obvious, and sludge is something that most people cannot play. In addition, there are many types of sludge, and currently, among the three mainstream sludges, either they are not suitable for long-term preservation or they are slightly toxic. The proportion of using industrial clay, flexible binder, and solid binder is not well understood and is very troublesome for ordinary people.

The photosensitive resin used in 3D printers is non-toxic and harmless. The entire printing process is smart and the artificial dependency is very low. Easily print complex structures such as interiors, undercuts, and cutouts. Novices can operate SLA light-cured 3D printers after training for about 5 days.

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