3d printing animation doll production process

Issuing time:2018-04-24 16:44


The process of 3D printing to do the model is simpler because of technology. If you are still troubled by the customization of 3D printing animation dolls, please select 3D rice. We support online customization, 3D printing, and production, including modeling, printing, coloring and other services.

The first step 3D modeling

The modeler uses the freeform computer engraving pen to perform 3D modeling according to the multi-angle character pictures of the animation. In order to ensure the exquisiteness and fidelity of the characters, it must be an experienced three-dimensional modeler in order to draw realistic shapes and expressions. 3D model diagram. We should build models for 3D printers. The general need is for STL format files to minimize support.

Step 2 3D printing

After the built 3D model data is resized and sliced, it is imported into a 3D printer and printed. In order to ensure the lifelikeness of the 3D printing mission model, we recommend using a gold stone SLA photo-curing 3D printer to print. This machine uses a laser scanning liquid photosensitive resin to cure and form, with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm, which guarantees a vivid hand print. Compared to a small FDM desktop-class 3D printer, it is more exquisite and fast.

The third step

The 3D-printed hands-on model is used for drying, cleaning, sanding, oil injection, and coloring, and then a perfect 3D printing animation model is created.

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